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Low Porosity | 3 pack

Low Porosity | 3 pack

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Low porosity curlies, this one is just for YOU!

Does your hair get product build up easily? Act like a raincoat when you wet it? Always feel dry to the touch no matter what you use?

Introducing our Low Porosity line. It has been developed with the focus of helping to get the moisture and nourishment you need inside the hair shaft.

Curls made EASY.

Use our 3 step approach too luscious, healthy, sexy looking, waves, curls and coils. 

Determine your Porosity through our Porosity Quiz Below. Grab the pack that is suited to you and get started on your healthy hair journey today!

Each porosity type has an easy to follow 3 step approach of  plant based products including a moisturising cleanse, luscious hydration and nourishing styler.

Our products are designed to work together to give you the ultimate curl experience, all you have to do is get started.


Still unsure of your porosity then take our quiz below: