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Environmental Impact

We’re Passionate About The Environment

Curltivate environmentally friendly packaging
We're passionate about creating a product that does less harm on the earth that we call home. We have worked hard to produce a product that is almost entirely plant based, limiting the amount of chemicals that go not only onto your body, but also into our oceans.
We made the decision (with help from YOU, our curly girls) to use beautiful Aluminium bottles that are infinitely recyclable, as opposed to plastic bottles which have a short recycling life (if they even get recycled!). Aluminium is completely natural, recyclable and biodegradable.
We also have an innovative refill system in place that goes a step further than most refill systems. Instead of buying a whole new bottle of product when yours runs out, you can purchase one of our aluminium Refill Pouches, which use approximately 80% less plastic, and have a carbon footprint that is 1/7th of that of plastic bottles. Simply refill your empty aluminium bottles with your Refill Pouches.